Ski tours

With touring skis towards Pfaffenbühel and Marchkopf

In Hochfügen, touring skiers start from the valley floor already at almost 1,500 meters above sea level. Discover our rewarding routes on the edge of the slopes, enjoy breathtaking views and beautiful descents. Hochfügen offers touring fans two marked ascent tracks - not only ideal for beginners, but also a welcome alternative to tours in open terrain, especially in critical avalanche situations.

Please use our tour parking lot
(fee € 5,-)
Follow the signs
Be considerate of each other and keep sufficient distance from persons outside the household
Piste tours ascent routes are open daily from 08:00 - 16:00

Ascent route 1

> Start at the touring skiers' parking lot 1,480 m
> Bypass the steepest part next to the slope
> Signposted turnoff to the 8er-Alm
> Destination: Waidoffen chairlift mountain station
> Difference in altitude: 830 Hm
> Route length: 4 km
> Average ascent time: 2 h
> Difficulty: red

Ascent route 2

> Entrance at the valley station 6-seater chairlift Holzalm 1,480 m
> Two short steeper sections on the slope
> Route mostly via a forest path
> Destination: Zillertal Shuttle mountain station
> Difference in altitude: 900 Hm
> Route length: 5 km
> Average ascent time: 2.5 h
> Difficulty: red

Rules of conduct

  • Observe the FIS rules of conduct
  • Observe warnings as well as local regulations
  • The closure of a piste or part of a piste must be respected. When using piste equipment - especially with winches - or during avalanche blasting, etc., life-threatening situations may arise. Slopes may therefore be closed for the duration of the work for safety reasons
  • Use only the designated and marked ascent tracks
  • Cross the piste only at marked, clearly visible points and at a sufficient distance from each other
  • Use freshly groomed slopes only in the marginal area. Tracks frozen overnight can severely affect the quality of the slopes.
  • Evening ski tours can unfortunately not take place until further notice. The slopes must be left by 16:00 hrs.
  • Make yourself visible! In darkness or poor visibility please use headlamp, reflective clothing etc.
  • Please do not bring dogs on the slopes
  • Use designated parking spaces and pay any parking fees (5,- Euro)