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No freeriding in the Zillertal without the right equipment with the entry into the free terrain ends the liability of the mountain railroad. In unsecured terrain, everyone is responsible for themselves. Therefore, the trip to the Zillertal freeride paradise must be well prepared. It is essential to carry the right emergency equipment on your body and also to know how to use it. What must be absolutely with you? First of all, the protective equipment that "normal" skiers should also have - helmet and back protector are an absolute must. Then there is a modern and functional avalanche emergency equipment consisting of a backpack with shovel, probe, first aid kit and, of course, the avalanche transceiver (LVSGerät). It is best to have everything in one avalanche backpack. The Freeride Info Point Hochfügen carries a large selection of emergency equipment for purchase or rental.

Camps and

The best equipment is no use if you don't know how to use it. How to behave correctly in an emergency and how to use avalanche equipment adequately can be learned and trained at various courses in Hochfügen. Then nothing can stand in the way of shredding happiness!


To the camps and courses

Avalanche training search field

Knowledge saves lives - safe freeriding in the Zillertal Train in peace and quiet free of charge and daily for emergencies the burial search in the 30x30m training search field of BCA Sometimes it happens faster than you think. In the unsecured freeride area there is always the possibility of an avalanche. In such a case, good avalanche training and good equipment more than pays off. This also includes training for an emergency. If the procedures are well rehearsed in the event of an avalanche, they can still be implemented even with a lot of adrenaline in the blood. The field is open during the operating hours of the lifts and is located at the mountain station 8er-Jet directly at the 8er Alm. Search material can be borrowed. Take advantage of the opportunity - whether alone or in a group!


Our freeride checkpoints are located at central entrances to the open terrain. They serve as
a last check point.
Freeride Checkpoints: From here the free terrain begins. From here on you are on your own responsibility. The
boards contain maps and important information about slope inclination, telephone numbers and
emergency. The following points are to be checked there at the latest:

  • Avalanche situation report checked?
  • Weather okay?
  • Equipment complete? (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, first aid) - avalanche check carried out?
  • Does the group correspond to my skills? (training courses)
  • Are there other skiers within my route?
  • What distances have to be kept?

If you feel unsure about any of these points, Safety First applies. Maybe you are lucky and
and the Skifriends powered by Dynastar are on the road. They will show you the
best spots in the Zillertal freeride paradise of Hochfügen and guide the way. For a first time in the
the Hochfügen Starter Area, which has been specially designed for a first introduction to the free
and also offers an introduction to avalanche awareness.




Before every ride in open terrain, check the functionality of your avalanche transceivers at two
electronic avalanche transceiver checkpoints at the 8er-Jet and Zillertal Shuttle mountain stations.