The tradition lives

Our rope race belongs to Hochfügen like winter sports to the Zillertal. It is simply impossible to imagine life without it.
We are looking forward to the 58th edition in 2023 with rope race for adults and children's rope race on the last ski day of the season, April 16, 2023. The race will be held on the Waidoffen 11 slope.

Keeping together is our motto: so three skiers, connected with a rope, ski together through the rope race giant slalom course.

We look forward to welcoming you, your children, your families, your friends and of course many numerous fans and onlookers!

Let's enjoy the last day together with hearty music and the traditional farewell to winter. Thank you for your active participation!

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate in the Hochfügen Rope Race. Adult rope teams can start in the race class Mixed 3 (at least one lady per rope team) or in the class "Fast 3". Children's teams can start in a total of three classes.

Registration is closed

Raffle: We raffle off 2 pairs of K2 Disruption skis incl. binding (subject to availability among all participants of the adult rope race. Good luck!
Free uphill and downhill ride for all spectators
Live music at the 8er Alm
Children's program
Traditional winter burning


Radio U1 provides the musical accompaniment to the Hochfügen Rope Race with lots of good humor and live music. It starts at 12:00 to 13:00 with the warm-up and from 14:00 to 16:00 five music groups will entertain you.

Die Fetzig’n aus dem Zillertal

The likeable Zillertaler Georg Spitaler, Daniel Gruber and Michael Spitaler heat up with traditional and modern folk music.

Lumpen Mander

Peter Fankhauser and Martin Steinlechner are the Lumpen Mander from the Zillertal and will certainly give some samples from their new CD "Oamol a Lump immer a Lump".

Geschwister Niederbacher

The Niederbacher siblings from the Tauferer Ahrntal in Mühlbach sing songs of their homeland with unique, wonderful voices that are deep within them.

Der Grenzgängersound aus dem Zillertal

Johannes Lechner, Daniel Schweigert, Rilana Tillmann and Roland Schweigert play folk music, hits, FOX oldies and party hits from rock and pop.


The five musicians from the Zillertal, Lukas Mitterer, Andi Eberharter, Michl Rieder, Thomas Zisterer and Herbert Kröll, play dashing Zillertal music, snappy tunes with the fiddle and mood rounds with drums.


While the adults conquer the race track, the young participants can look forward to a children's program supervised by adventure animators with face painting and a creative workshop.

Nina's dwarf paradise

The caregivers from Nina's Zwergerlparadies will be on site from 11:00 to 15:00 with a supervised children's program.

Children's face painting

Imaginative make-up face with bright colors and glitter simply enchants every child. Only dermatologically safe professional make-up colors are used. The painted faces can be easily washed off again in the evening with soap and water.

Creative workshop

The creative workshop is the right thing for handicraft enthusiasts. Among other things, you can create cool buttons and key chains that can be attached to your ski suits immediately.

Impressions of the rope race 2022

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