A family vacation in Hochfügen means giving children access to nature and creating exciting shared experiences in a playful way. In any case, a family vacation in Hochfügen offers an ideal opportunity for the little ones to learn new things and simply be a child for a while. But a happy family also includes the parents, who of course should also get their money's worth, according to the motto: happy children, relaxed parents.

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Discover exciting offers for your family in and around Hochfügen. In winter as well as in summer, Hochfügen offers a versatile selection of possibilities to make your vacation happiness perfect.


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To ensure that you also feel comfortable within your own 4 walls after your outdoor adventure, there are numerous hotels and accommodations in and around Hochfügen that specialize in families. Hochfügen is characterized by its versatility, which also runs through the hotel industry and where from the practical vacation apartment to the cozy 3-star hotel, to the luxurious star hotel industry, there is something for every taste.


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