A winter vacation in the Zillertal offers much more than skiing and snowboarding fun! Away from the slopes and lifts, unique experiences lure you into the snowy winter world. Tobogganing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking or guided night ski tours show the Zillertal Alps from their most exclusive side. The offer is as versatile as your own curiosity. Necessary equipment for the respective activities can of course also be rented on site without any problems. But Hochfügen also has a lot to offer in summer.

Hochfügen in

Hochfügen in the middle

The Hochfügen ski resort is nestled in the Zillertal mountains. It is a matter close to our hearts to preserve the natural experience to a large extent and to integrate slopes, hiking trails and infrastructures into nature. Take a deep breath, inhale the earthy scent of the trees, feel the soft forest floor under your soles. Listen devoutly to the chirping of the birds. Immerse yourself in a relaxing forest bath. Just being. In harmony. In harmony with nature. In the moment. In happiness. In Hochfügen. In the front Zillertal.

Hochfügen in the

In the dark, the natural experience of the Zillertal mountains appears even more imposing and impressive. In the Hochfügen night, enchant spectacular jumps and ski acrobatics of freestylers, breathtaking formation runs, spectacular light and fire effects and finally a colorful fireworks display. But an experience is also guaranteed during night skiing and the Klumpernacht.


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