Tour night on the 8er Alm

Tour night on the 8er Alm

During the touring night the slopes are fully at the disposal of touring skiers - for safe touring

On tour Friday from December 16, you can use slopes 13, 14 and 11 from the valley station 8er Jet for ascent and descent. Your tour leads from the valley station 8er Jet via the valley station of the Waidoffen chairlift to the 8er Alm. For safety reasons and for the purpose of piste preparation, all other pistes are closed and cannot be accessed or skied on under any circumstances. After a stop in the pizzeria of the 8er Alm - open for you until 21:00 - nothing stands in the way of a safe descent on the slopes 11, 14 and 13. The difference in altitude of the tour is 653 meters.


> Observe the FIS rules of conduct > Observe warnings as well as local regulations > The closure of a piste or part of a piste must be respected. When using piste equipment - especially winches - or avalanche blasting, etc., life-threatening situations may arise. For safety reasons, pistes may therefore be closed for the duration of the work > Use only the designated and marked ascent tracks > Cross the piste only at marked, clearly visible points and at a sufficient distance from each other > Use freshly groomed pistes only in the peripheral area. Tracks frozen overnight can severely impair the quality of the slopes > Evening ski tours can only take place on the dates of the tour night. Otherwise, the slopes must be left by 16:00 > Make yourself visible! In darkness or poor visibility, please use a headlamp, reflective clothing, etc. > Please do not take dogs on the slopes > Use designated parking areas and pay any parking fees (5,- Euro)

Friday, 26.01.2024
Time Begin: 18:00
Time End: 21:00