Hotspots in Hochfügen

That´s were you find all the important information about the activities on the slope in Hochfügen. From the FunLine to the BMW Canyon - there are a lot of different options to spent your skiing day full of action.


Experience unforgettable moments on the slopes

Not only can you enjoy your time on the slopes at our selected ski resort partners with BMW xDrive Cup Highlights, you can relive your experience online with images and videos. That way you can record your personal performances as well as special moments on the slopes.

BMW xDrive Highlights

BMW Photo Point

Lasting memories – BMW xDrive Photo Point

Imagine a picture of a day on the slopes and you right in the middle. The BMW Photo Point is one pretend speed camera anybody would be happy to be caught by, especially as the picture in front of the unique panorama does not cost you anything except a smile. All you need to do is hold your skipass in front of the sensor and smile into the camera. You can access and download your experiences on the slopes at any time for free on after having registered





BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie

Where enjoyment is in the driving seat: your BMW xDrive Skimovie.


Look like a World Cup star: we film your run on the BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie slope from the start to the finish line. Afterwards, you can download your personal Skimovie including your time from our website. All you have to do is register with your skipass at the start, wait for the signal and enjoy – first your run and then your video.

Collect descent metres

The BMW xDrive Cup Season 2018/2019 starts on 1 December 2018. Joining you at the starting line will be selected BMW xDrive Cup ski resorts, all sorts of attractive prizes and lots of fun on the slopes. Get started with us and collect points, e.g. by buying a skipass, taking part at the Skimovie slalom run or going night skiing. For more information about this special experience and the BMW xDrive Cup, please visit

Win Fantastic Prizes at the Zillertal Valley´s BMW XDrive Cup


BMW xDrive Cup – The prizes

The BMW xDrive Cup is unique – and offers three times the chances of winning. All participants who have reached at least Level 4 by 30.04.2019 will automatically be included in the season’s prize draw for a brand-new BMW X1. And every month, there will be a prize draw within every Level where the winners will receive high-quality prizes from K2 and Peak Performance. Whoever collects the most points overall between 01.12.2018 and 30.04.2019 will win a perfect weekend with a BMW arrival package, skipass and overnight accommodation at one of BMW’s ski resort partners. An unforgettable weekend awaits you, as do countless unforgettable moments at the BMW xDrive Cup 2018/2019.


Register now at, set out and win prizes.



In association with the BMW xDrive Cup, you can collect badges in five different disciplines as you enjoy your day on the slopes in Hochfügen: Destination Badge, Performance Badge, Skimovie Badge, Photo Badge and Tour Badge.


You can pick up the Destination Badge as soon as you purchase a ski pass in Hochfügen. Collect the Performance Badge for achieving a total descent of 5,000 metres during the course of a day, the Photo Badge for having a souvenir photo taken in front of our panoramic mountain view and the Tour Badge for using specific ski lifts once per day of skiing. The coveted Skimovie Badge is awarded for racing down the high-speed BMW xDrive ski movie slope. Here, skiers and snowboarders are also rewarded with a video and/or photo which they can watch time and time again and share with friends on the BMW Mountains website for a fantastic memento of the breathtaking scenery surrounding this downhill run.


 Collecting the badges is not just fun, it also gives you the opportunity to win an attractive prize. Our partner BMW enters all participants into a prize draw to win a brand-new BMW X1 Edition Power Ride. Each month, there is also the chance to win a pair of limited-edition K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Skis.

Snowpark Lamark

Fun for young and old

Snowpark Lamark has opened it´s gates in Hochfügen at the Lamark lifts in December 2016. The park is set up as a small park with a park area of approx. 4,000 square metres. The park consists of three lines and a total of 13 elements. To provide best conditions it will be shaped twice a day. Whether you’re a beginner, shredder or shred head – the three line set-up is great fun.  

The park was designed by Unique Parks, led by Manfred Brandacher from Fügen.

The park setup with three lines

Line 1: Jibline

5 SPC half-tubes for slides, jibs, bonks and lots more fun


Line 2: Jumpline

1 three metre take-off, 1 five metre take-off for big jumps


Line 3: Easy Jibline & Railline

2 three metre high flat boxes, four metre up-down, 8erJet cabin with rainbow box,

six metre iron pipe flat, six metre handrail tube for extreme moves

Attention Fact-SheetFacts & Figures
1500 meter
At the Lamark lifts
Park Area
ca. 4000 square meter
270 meter
Park size
Park lift
Shape Frequency
twice a day
Snowmaking System
3 lances, 2 guns

BMW Canyon of Joy

BMW Canyon

Our naturally formed canyon at an altitude of around 2,000 metres starts just below the 8erJet mountain station and plunges to the valley station of the 6-seater Waidoffen chair lift. You can descend the 500 metre valley as it drops 100 metres in altitude either at full speed or by following the creative technique known as slopestyle. Admittedly, it is not possible to perform really big kicks in the BMW xDrive Canyon of Joy, but smaller jumps and turns could inspire you to have a go at something new. Whilst enjoying the fun offered by the ungroomed natural canyon, please remember that you enter the area at your own risk. Moreover, since the canyon is off-piste, it should only be used by experienced skiers.

FunLine Hochfügen

Curves, rollers, hills and crazy snow lines for ultimative skiing fun

The new FunLine Hochfügen is located below the 6-seater Waidoffen chair lift and is a mixture of slopes, a cross course and a snow park. The varied course includes steep curves, rollers, hills and crazy snow lines. It is suitable for all ages and ability levels and is great fun for you and your family.


FunLine Hochfügen starts at blue piste 11 and uses the features of the natural high-Alpine terrain. Snow is pretty reliable as the piste is over 2,000 metres above sea level, and it is also quick and easy to reach with the brand new 6-seater chair lift. The piste is groomed daily and FIS piste rules apply. The Hochfügen FunLine was designed by Manfred Brandacher and the team of Unique Parks. 

Attention Fact-SheetFacts & Figures
2.160 meter
Piste 11a
ca. 930 meter
6SB Waidoffen