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Avalanche transceiver training area presented by BCA

Knowledge saves lives - safe freeriding in Zillertal <br/> Train in a relaxed situation what to do in an avalanche emergency in the 30 x 30 metre training area presented by BCA.

Sometimes things happen faster than you think - in the unsecured freeride area, there's always the possibility of an avalanche. In such a case, if you have appropriate avalanche training and equipment you’ll find they pay off. It is essential that you know what to do in emergency scenarios. Once you’ve thoroughly trained in what to do, you’ll be able to do the right thing even when you’ve an adrenaline high.

Practice and perfect your search skills for free every day in the 30 x 30 metre "avalanche transceiver training area presented by BCA". The area is open during the operating hours of the facilities and is located near the summit station of the 8-seater Jet lift, directly next to the 8er Alm. The search equipment needed is available on loan. Take the opportunity - whether alone or in a group!

Learn how to use emergency equipment properly, how to correctly assess the avalanche risk and your own skills, and what you should do if the worst comes to the worst at first hand in intensive multi-day training sessions or one-day snow and avalanche courses.

"Doing the right thing quickly can save lives - even your own!"

Kevin Benk of the skiCHECK ski school in Tirol.

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