Starter Area Tiefschnee-Beginner Freeride-Anfänger Hochfügen Zillertal

The Hochfügen Starter Area - a safe first time in deep snow

Freeriding – the jewel in the crown for skiers and snowboarders. There is nothing better for a winter sports fan than a hillside covered in fresh, untouched powder.

Deep snow offers a unique sense of freedom. You float on your skis or board, the snow flies left and right, the flow of air past you gladdens the spirit, turns happen as if by themselves, the mountain guides you gently into the valley with a feeling of complete freedom. It is a feeling that you have to experience. A must for anyone who loves skiing. But you first need to acquire the necessary skills. If you take on the steepest slope unprepared, you’ll find yourself taking several somersaults, with soaked clothes and your ski equipment scattered all over the snow.


You need a safe place to practise your first turns.

And the freeride experts of Hochfügen know this. That's why they set up a starter freeride area on the Holzalm side of Hochfügen to enable beginners to experience deep snow for the first time. The location with its moderate incline is the ideal place to get started. A bit of slope is necessary otherwise you can get stuck quickly and have to wade the rest of the way through deep snow. For help with taking your first run in deep powder, contact the Hochfügen Freeride experts. Trust in yourself and, at the same time, you can be sure your first freeride experience won’t be a disaster – try it out. An indescribable feeling of freedom awaits you and some point you’ll finally be able to say - there’s nothing better than shredding in the Zillertal backcountry.

"You'll never forget your first deep powder experience! Freeriding is the ultimate freedom - but can also be a nightmare without proper guidance."

Kevin Benk of the skiCHECK ski school in Tirol

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