Freeride Map

If you are in the backcountry without a local Zillertal Ski Friend, the Zillertal Freeride Map will help you find your way around. Get one for the special price of € 19.50 at the Freeride Info Point Hochfügen (8-seater Jet lift valley station).

There is also the ISKI X app that provides important information on Hochfügen, the best freeride runs, what to do in an emergency and safety tips. Available for download in the stores.

The Snowhow Map will help you assess the terrain. The slope coding will enable you to avoid certain terrain. The map also provides information on dangerous terrain (sheer drops) and infrastructure facilities, such as avalanche beacons, Wi-Fi hotspots, the avalanche transceiver training area and the freeride checkpoints when entering open terrain. You can also find out about trails from other freeriders. The buttons Check-It and Map-Legend provide detailed explanations.


More information on avalanche risks and warning levels available at and here.

Everything you need to know about freeriding can also be found at the Freeride Info Point Hochfügen.