Checkpoint Hochfügen Freeride Tiefschnee

Avalanche transceiver and freeride checkpoints - thought of everything?

Our freeride checkpoints are located at the main access points to open terrain. They act as reminders and a final warning before you go out there.

Freeride checkpoints: the open terrain begins here. After this point, you are responsible for your own safety. The panels show maps and important information on inclines, what to do in emergencies and contact telephone numbers. Make sure you review the following there:

  • have you checked the avalanche report? For example at the Freeride Info Point Hochfügen or at 
  • Is the weather okay?
  • Do you have all the appropriate equipment? (Avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, first aid kit)
  • Have you tested your avalanche transceiver?
  • Does the level of skills of the group match my abilities? (training sessions)
  • Are there any other skiers out and about on the route I’m taking?
  • What distances to them do I need to maintain?

If any of the above give you pause for thought – always choose the safer option. You can obtain any help and advice you need from the Freeride Info Point Hochfügen. You may even be lucky and meet the Ski Friends powered by Dynastar out and about. The’ll show you the best spots in the Zillertal freeride paradise Hochfügen and guide the way. If you’ve never been out in deep snow before, we recommend first practising in the Hochfügen Starter Area, which has been specifically designed to give beginners a taste of what it is like in open terrain and also provides initiation in avalanche-related skills.

LSV Check Freeride Tiefschnee Zillertal

Avalanche transceiver checkpoints

Check your avalanche transceiver is working properly at the two electronic transceiver checkpoints at the summit stations of the 8-seater Jet lift and the Zillertal Shuttle before heading out into open terrain. 

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