ISTA zertifizierter Lawinenkurs Sicherheit Tiefschnee

ISTA courses - exclusive safety for freeriders in Zillertal

Hochfügen is the only ski resort in Zillertal to offer the internationally recognised ISTA courses. ISTA is the “International Snow Training Academy”; the first organisation to offer an international training program for powder snow and mountain lovers.

The ISTA program employs a novel technique and uses a uniform standardized language worldwide. ISTA offers multi-level training for everyone, from the occasional off-piste rider to the experienced skier. The program was developed by over 40 specialists from three continents. It prepares participants for skiing away from the prepared pistes and trains them in risk management. Mountain guides and instructors were involved in the concept as well as specialists in nutrition, sports psychology, meteorology, snow science, first aid and education. The programs not only represent the combined expertise of the above when it comes to the mountain environment, but place an emphasis on the importance of effectively communicating what is to be learned. We learn best when we enjoy the learning process! The playful learning method appeals to everyone and doesn't take up too much of your time - after all, you are on holiday.

Four steps to freeride autonomy

The ISTA program employs a multi-level training process. The modules Discovery, ST1, ST2 and ST3 are offered in Hochfügen. After completing these four stages, you will be prepared to independently explore deep snow. Participants receive an illustrated textbook for each course so that they can refresh their knowledge long after the program ends.

ISTA internationales Zertifikat Winter Lawinen Schnee

ISTA Discovery

The one-day introductory Discovery course teaches you the basics you need to minimize off-piste risks and react properly in critical situations. The course is offered in Hochfügen by Skicheck's local freeride experts who are ISTA-certified after completing the required training.

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Snow Training 1 is aimed at experienced off-piste riders. In the two-day course, participants learn to assess risks, terrain and snow conditions as well as their own physical and psychological characteristics.

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After completion of ST 1, participants can move on to Snow Training 2. After that, participants can become a part of the ISTA community and continue to develop their knowledge and skills.



Snow Training 3 is the conclusion of the ISTA program. This course is taught only by certified mountain guides. It consolidates the knowledge of the ISTA program.


Getting ISTA costs back

Those who complete an ISTA program receive vouchers for products and services provided by ISTA partners. You are granted a discount of up 20% on the recommended retail price of certain items. The vouchers can be redeemed at the online outlets and stores of strategic partners. This also includes the Zillertal Hochfügen ski resort - so you can benefit twice! Access the ISTA shop here.

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