The new avalanche training programme to prevent accidents in the mountains

ST1 is the beginners’ course for the in-depth ISTA programme.


Over two days, you will acquire basic skills and knowledge in how to use emergency equipment as part of managing risk. By the end of the course, you will be able to use the course content and your handbook to carry out a risk assessment in order to identify favourable and unfavourable conditions and to take the right action to effectively implement an avalanche rescue procedure.


Both days offer a fun combination of theory and practical workshops. Each day is structured like a typical day in the mountains. On the morning of the first day, you will learn about the ISTA method for evaluating your own body and mind using the HFSA® system. You will also find out how to recognise favourable and unfavourable environmental elements and how to interpret the risk factors these cause. The practical part of the day covers how to navigate remote and open terrain safely, as well as communication and the rescue procedure. The second day will follow a similar schedule.


The focus will be on the practical application of risk management strategies and on boosting your existing skills.

ISTA das neue internationale Lawinenausbildungsrogramm gibt es in Hochfügen
ISTA das neue internationale Lawinenausbildungsrogramm gibt es in Hochfügen
ISTA das neue internationale Lawinenausbildungsrogramm, Hochfügen
ISTA Lawinenkurse gibt es in Österreich in Hochfügen
Per person from € 490,00


Min. 2 persons

  • First international programme
  • Progressive certification
  • Standardised specialist terminology
  • Efficient training material
  • 1 sleepover at Panorama Lodge
  • One day including teaching materials, badge and ISTA pass


Appointment on Request

Please note that weather and snow conditions must be considered for off-piste adventures. We are happy to accept your request for ISTA ST1 and will make a suitable appointment with you.


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2 days at your choice, 1 sleepover
Panorama Lodge
2 daya
Suited for:
Beginners, advanced and pros
Min. 2 persons
Price with valid 2day skipass:
€ 490,00 p.p.
Price with 2 day skipass:
€ 592,50 p.p. + € 2,00 deposit

With ISTA vouchers you get a refund of your training costs

What are ISTA rewards?

ISTA developed a unique rewards system supported by select ski resorts and partners in the sports gear and travel industries. As a participant you will be rewarded for your  investment in avalanche training with exclusive offers. 



What is the value of the ISTA vouchers? 

Vouchers are provided in the amount of the ISTA training kit’s cost. This means that participants can recover the full amount of the course fees.



How and where are the vouchers redeemed? 

Vouchers can be used when purchasing exclusive products and services from ISTA’s strategic partners. As a participant you will receive a discount of up to 20% on retail pricing. Vouchers can be redeemed at ISTA’s strategic partners’ online or retail shops.


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