In cases of emergency

Help in the event of an emergency or if you need a physician. You are in the right place.

First aid

Something has happened and you need help quickly. First, secure the accident site (mark the site with an X using your skis and poles), check the vital signs of the casualty and then immediately call the piste rescue service. The team is always in readiness during the operating hours of the ski lifts in the ski resort. Hochfügen piste rescue service +43 664 811 82 40.


Important questions

When you contact them in an emergency, the rescue team will ask you the following questions:

  • Where - which slope? Is there a distinctive feature nearby (chalet, lift mast with number, snow cannon)? At what altitude?
  • What - what happened - short description of the accident
  • Who - who and how many are involved?
  • How - status of the casualty or casualties

Finally, give your own name and contact details should they need to contact you for more information.
Never hang up, the control centre will end the call.
At night, you can use your flashlight to help the team locate the site (e.g. SOS signal: short-short-short long-long-long short-short-short).

The seven first aid stages

  1. Secure the accident site
  2. Check vital signs
  3. Get help
  4. Initiate resuscitation measures
  5. Position the casualty on their side
  6. Treat injuries
  7. Prepare for the arrival of the rescue team

Emergency numbers

Hochfügen piste rescue service +43 664 811 82 40.

Emergency services 144

Euro emergency call from ALL mobile phones 112

Flu and other illnesses

Please do not call emergency services if you are suffering from a trival disorder, such as a cold, flu or overstrained muscles. Instead, the hotel or lift staff will be able to provide information about doctors and medical care nearby.

Even minor fractures can usually be treated by the local doctors - a visit to the hospital is not absolutely necessary. There is also the possibility of a house call in your hotel - of course, this will be associated with additional costs. It is advisable to check in advance what exactly is covered by your health insurance. The nearest pharmacy is located in Fügen.

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