COVID-19 Code of Conduct Zillertaler Cable Cars

Winter Season 2020-21

Dear winter sports enthusiasts!

The last months have been shaped by big changes - COVID-19 affects our lives everywhere in the world. Safety and the personal health of each individual are the highest good and the focus of attention for our cable car companies. We build on the regulations of the Austrian Federal Government, which provide for a range of measures to protect all guests and employees.

According to the third COVID-19 Emergency Measures Decree, which came into effect on 25 January, the following safety measures must be implemented by cable car companies:

Everyone must stay at least two meters apart in cable cars. Public transport regulations also continue to apply for cable cars, including the exemption that “an exception to the rule can be made if the two-meter safety distance cannot be maintained due to the number of passengers or when entering/exiting the cabin.”

The cable car companies must ensure that their guests maintain the safety distance whenever possible, such as when queuing at turnstiles, cash desks, toilets, etc. We comply with this requirement through the use of informational signs, pictograms, streamers, barriers, security staff, and other suitable measures.

Exceptions can be made whenever the required safety distance of at least two meters cannot be maintained in entrance and exit areas of facilities (turnstiles, magic carpets, doors) and in cable cars due to structural reasons. This exemption also applies to chairlifts and drag lifts.

Capacity restrictions remain in place. The number of people permitted in closed or coverable vehicles (gondolas, cable car cabins, chairlifts with weather-protection bubbles) is limited to 50% of the transport capacity of the respective vehicle. This does not apply when people from the same household are the only ones being transported.

The regulations regarding FFP2 masks remain as well. In other words, in closed or coverable vehicles (gondolas, cable car cabins, or chairlifts with weather-protection bubbles) as well as in enclosed entrance areas of ropeways and cog railways, a respiratory mask of protection class FFP2 (an FFP2 mask) without an exhalation valve, or a mask of an equivalent or higher standard, must be worn.


This means that

  • You do not have to wear an FFP2 mask while traveling in drag lifts and chairlifts that do not have weather-protection bubbles. You must, however, keep your mouth and nose covered.
  • You do not have to wear an FFP2 mask when queuing in outdoor areas. You must, however, keep your mouth and nose covered. Queuing areas that are covered but open at the sides are not considered enclosed areas.
  • In general, children up to age 6 are not required to keep their mouth and nose covered.
  • Children up to age 14 are not required to wear an FFP2 mask. They must, however, keep their mouth and nose covered.
  • Even those who are from the same household must wear an FFP2 mask when traveling in closed cabins/gondolas or chairlifts with weather-protection bubbles.


In compliance with the currently valid regulations and additional safety measures, we are firmly convinced that, as long as you remain a safe distance away from others, you can have a relaxing and safe time in winter in the Zillertal Valley!

Zillertal cable car general information and organizational measures to safeguard a safe and relaxing vacation:

  • Signposts and information points in the ski area:
    They draw your attention to our code of conduct at the cable cars and throughout the ski area.

  • Cover your mouth and nose:

    Anyone aged 6 or older must cover their mouth and nose when using our cable cars/gondolas, chairlifts, drag lifts, and magic carpets as well as in all designated areas (e.g., cash desks, access areas, etc.).

    In all cable car cabins and chairlifts with weather-protection bubbles, you must wear an FFP2 mask or a mask of a higher standard. In all other situations, a commercially available medical respiratory mask, a bandana, or the like will suffice.

  • Organised queuing area:

    We set up the queuing areas independently of the current legal requirements so as to avoid having groups of people standing close together. Please remain at least 2 meters from others and wait in the cash desk area until the person in front of you has left the cash desk.

  • Hand hygiene:
    We will install sufficient hand disinfection facilities for you in the cable car stations in the indoor area.

  • Number of persons:
    The number of persons permitted in each cable car cabin and on each chairlift with a weather-protection bubble is limited to 50% of the transport capacity. This does not apply when people from the same household are the only ones being transported.

  • Desinfection measures:

    We disinfect all cable car cabins regularly.
    We also carry out regular disinfection measures in elevator cabins, on escalators, and in sanitary facilities, ski depots, and first-aid rooms.

  • Cable car employees

    COVID-19 test: Employees are tested for Covid-19 before they first start work. For those who are in contact with customers, follow-up tests are carried out on a regular basis or as required.
    For everyone’s safety, employees are instructed to cover their mouth and nose whenever they are in direct contact with guests.

What you can do to stay safe and keep others safe:

Use off-peak times:

Take advantage of fewer crowds during off-peak times to get to the ski area and back to your accommodation in a relaxed manner. You can also chose to return to the valley station during off-peak times.

Cover your mouth and nose:

Please always carry something to cover your mouth and nose with and use it whenever you cannot maintain the prescribed minimum distance to other people.

You must cover your mouth and nose in the following areas:

  • at the cable car ski pass sales points
  • in the access area for all cable cars (watch for signposting)
  • in the stations, entry/exit area and while riding in the cable cars (cabins, chair lifts, drag lifts)
  • when using the magic carpets (training area)
  • when using the toilet facilities
  • in the ski shop / ski depot

In the following areas wearing an MNP (protective mask, hose scarf, multifunctional cloth, ...) is mandatory:

  • at the cable car ski pass sales points
  • in the access area for all cable cars (look out for the signposting)
  • in the station, entry/exit area as well as when riding in the cable cars (cabin/chair lifts, drag lifts)
  • when using the conveyor belts (training area)
  • when using the toilet facilities
  • in the ski shop / ski depot
  • In the ski bus
  • in mountain restaurants in accordance with the respective specifications
Keep your distance

Please keep sufficient distance from strangers. Whenever possible, maintain the minimum distance in the cable car cabins as well.

Ensure ventilation

Whenever possible, please open the windows of the cable car cabins during the ride.

Pay attention to hand hygiene

Please observe the general rules of hygiene and wash your hands regularly. Disinfectant dispensers are available in the cable car stations in the indoor area.

Dispose of used protective masks

Please dispose of your used protective mask or tissues properly rather than leaving them in the cable car cabins. Waste bins are available in the station areas.

Follow instructions

Please follow the general behaviour recommendations and also the instructions of our employees, especially with regard to the hygiene regulations.

Cashless payment or even better: Buy your ski ticket online

If possible, make use of the cashless payment option or buy your ski ticket directly at the online shop.

Head for the slopes only if you are healthy

If you exhibit any symptoms that could indicate a possible Covid-19 infection (such as fever, cough, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell), please stay in your accommodation and immediately contact the reception desk of your accommodation or a doctor.

Behave responsibly

Please act responsibly to protect your own health as well as that of others.

Food and beverage on the mountain

The mountain restaurants will remain closed until further notice. Please bring along whatever food and drinks you might require.


Due to the ban on entering mountain restaurants, toilets are only available in the area of the cable car stations. Please inform yourself on site about the current situation.

Our request!

Please observe and follow our Covid-19 Code of Conduct and enjoy your winter holiday in the Zillertal ski areas!

We are evaluating the situation on an on-going basis and will adapt our Code of Conduct to any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

(Last updated: 05 February 2021)

Fact sheets of the professional association cableways

(Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)


Fact sheet "public areas"

Fact sheet "before transportation"

Fact sheet "during transportation"


This is how we protect ourselves and our fellow humans - thank you very much for your help!

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