Special day for listeners of ORF Radio Tirol

Skiers and snowboarders should only go off piste without a guide once they learn to recognise and read the danger signs.

On 19 December, we are joining forces with ORF Tirol to host the third ORF Tirol Safety Day for those who love nothing more than to venture into untouched snow. The event is once again being held under the motto “Spaß plus Köpfchen” or “Smart Fun” and is targeted at anyone who wishes to explore the world of freeriding for the first time or at experienced off-piste skiers and ski tourers looking to refresh their knowledge and skills.

During this important Safety Day, listeners of Radio Tirol will be treated to a special programme, in which safety experts trained in various fields explain, as part of a panel discussion and practical exercises, what to watch out for on and off piste, how to minimise risk, how to act in an emergency and how to fully prepare for a ski tour or off-piste excursion before setting out.