The new avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW

While the pleasures of skiing are the main focus of the activities jointly offered to date by Hochfügen and BMW – namely the BMW xDrive Cup with the giant slalom racing slope and the BMW Canyon of Joy – skier safety off piste is now taking centre stage. This is an important topic because all freeriders and ski tourers should be able to launch a professional and life-saving avalanche rescue search in the event of an emergency. They must learn in advance how to handle emergency equipment correctly and undergo regular training. 


The safety of our skiers and snowboarders is of paramount importance. This is why we are delighted to have joined forces with BMW to offer skiers, ski tourers and freeriders the brand-new 30 by 30 metre avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW. The new training search field is located at the 8erJet mountain station and can be used free of charge.