Waidoffen – new six-seater detachable chair lift in Hochfügen

Hochfügen is the first ski resort in the world to have a “D-Line” 6-seater chair lift by Doppelmayr

In November 2016, the world’s first six-seater detachable chair lift (6-CLD) called “Waidoffen” will go into operation in the Zillertal valley ski resort of Hochfügen. Overall, the new chair lift offers ergonomic individual seats, an integrated seat heating system, ultra-light weather-proof covers and “Auto-lock” child safety locks, providing a high level of safety and comfort. Waidoffen provides a comfortable, safe and quick ascent in under four minutes. The 6-seater chair lift also sets new standards in terms of sustainability, as it is powered by highly efficient photovoltaic cells on the mountain station.


The world’s first D-Line by Doppelmayr combines the highest standards of design, safety and comfort. “We are thrilled to introduce the world’s first D-Line chair lift by Doppelmayr. This premium product will offer our guests an excellent ride experience in terms of comfort, equipment, speed and safety,” Helmuth Grünbacher, manager of the Skiliftgesellschaft Hochfügen ski lift company, excitedly explained. The wider exit path and the gentle gradient in the exit area make it easier for beginners in particular to have an enjoyable start to their skiing experience.


Comfort, quality, design with state-of-the-art engineering

The individual seats are five centimetres wider than standard seats and ergonomically designed. Integrated heated seats and ultra-light weather-proof covers ensure a warm journey protected from the weather, even in stormy weather conditions. The expertise and design features from the luxury automotive industry have influenced the designs of this chair lift. The seats are made from exclusive materials in exquisite colours. Snowboarders in particular, will experience improved comfort with the wider ski rest. “We are delighted to be able to have Waidoffen in Hochfügen as the first D-Line chair lift in operation. It does everything you could ask and has the ultimate state-of-the-art engineering. Comfort, quality, design – the D-Line ticks every box,” explained Andreas Natter, the sales executive at Doppelmayr.

The Waidoffen chair lift also has state-of-the-art engineering when it comes to passenger safety. The safety bar locks completely automatically after boarding and does not unlock until inside the mountain station. The “Auto-lock” child safety lock means that five children of at least 90cm in height can travel with just one adult.


From the valley to the mountain station in less than four minutes

The new 6-seater chair lift enables a third more guests to travel in half the time – the journey from 1,995 metres to 2,313 metres above sea level takes less than four minutes.


Mountain station with photovoltaic cells

The Waidoffen chair lift also gets top marks for sustainability. The mountain station is fitted with highly efficient photovoltaic cells. It is unusual that the solar panels are integrated directly into the station roof. They blend in elegantly and discreetly into the appearance of the chair lift structure and surrounding landscape.


FACTBOX: 6-CLD Waidoffen

  • Start of construction: June 2016
  • Opening: November 2016
  • Length: 1,059 m
  • Hight difference: 317m
  • Speed: 5m/s
  • Capacity: 2.600 P/h
  • Number of seats: 59
  • Number of support beams: 11