BMW Mountains

Snow thrills with BMW xDrive and avalanche rescue search training

Hochfügen ski resort, together with BMW, are sharing the joy of skiing both on and off the piste. Firstly, BMW Mountains is hosting the BMW xDrive Cup, a leisure tournament that combines driving fun and winter sports. It is also fun to go off piste – but only when you have the right equipment and skills to meet the demands of the terrain.


The different BMW xDrive highlights make a day of skiing in Hochfügen an amazing experience. On the permanently installed BMW xDrive ski movie track on piste 3, it doesn’t have to be all about speed – you can emphasise the creativity of your run if you want to. The run is filmed and everyone receives their own individual  ski movie which can be shared on social media. Ski movies are a great opportunity to have fun with friends and family.


On the BMW xDrive Cup racing slope, you can earn points and win spectacular prizes, such as a new BMW. For lasting memories of a wonderful day of skiing head over to the BMW xDrive photo point at the Holzalm mountain station for breathtaking panoramic photos. On the opposite side of the valley basin, BMW xDrive Canyon of Joy offers advanced skiers and snowboarders an opportunity to try out jumps in a natural canyon or to experience the amazing thrill of a natural halfpipe in the so-called slopestyle. Because all freeriders and ski tourers should be able to launch a professional and life-saving avalanche rescue search in the event of an emergency, there is a space in Hochfügen where this can be practised. Everyone should train regularly so that they know how to use the emergency equipment correctly.


In the 30 by 30 metre avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW, off-piste skiers can learn how to use avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels correctly in the event of an avalanche with casualties, step by step and free of charge – either on their own or, on request, with instruction from local freeriding experts.