"Seeb" packte das Freeridefieber in Hochfügen

For the upcoming season, the Hochfügen ski lifts are the new sponsor of talented up-and-coming freerider Sebastian Maier from Tirol. A carpenter by trade, the 23-year-old has already achieved success in last season’s World Tour freeride qualifier events.


Freerider Sebastian Maier, who comes from Erl in Tirol, has a very special relationship with Hochfügen: “because it was in Hochfügen that I first caught freeride fever,” he says. The fantastic open steep slopes, the rocky terrain and the wide range of options presented by the diverse array of slopes make this location every freerider’s dream, according to “Seeb”. “The height and, above all, the guaranteed snow are the icing on the cake and are what make the Hochfügen ski resort so popular in Europe and beyond,” says the passionate rider when asked about Hochfügen.


Sebastian Maier first caught the freeriding bug seven years ago. He joined the Freeride World Qualifier Tour two years ago and even qualified for the 4* World Tour Qualifier Big Mountain Hochfügen last season, an event where only the world’s best up-and-coming talents make it to the starting line. Sebastian has one goal: to qualify for the elite class of the freeriding scene, the “Freeride World Tour”, and to become a professional freerider. In recent years, Sebastian has featured in a wide range of freeride calendars, magazines and films and has starred in professional and amateur photoshoots. His mottos are “Go big or go home!” and “Have fun but take care!”. He wants to keep active on the mountains while minimising risks and staying healthy and injury-free.


Being sponsored by Hochfügen is the first step towards a professional career. “Hochfügen has been supporting ambitious freeriders for many years. We are delighted to support Sebastian in realising his sporting dreams and look forward to working with him,” says Helmuth Grünbacher, Managing Director of the Skiliftgesellschaft Hochfügen ski lift company.