Rocking Mountains

The BMW xDrive Cup, hosted by BMW Mountains, is a leisure tournament that unites the thrill of driving and winter sports in a unique fashion. A range of BMW xDrive highlights make the ski day in Hochfügen an unmissable event.


At the BMW xDrive ski movie track on slope 3, it’s not always speed that wins on the giant slalom – the wildest riding styles come out on top too. Ski movies are always a great way to have fun with friends and family. A finishers’ photograph at the BMW xDrive Speed Photo Point and a breathtaking panoramic photograph from the BMW xDrive Photo Point at the Holzalm top station guarantee unforgettable mementoes of a perfect day of skiing. On the BMW xDrive Cup racing slope, you can collect points and win spectacular prizes, such as a new BMW X1.


On the opposite side of the valley basin, the BMW xDrive Canyon of Joy offers advanced skiers and snowboarders an opportunity to try out jumps in a natural canyon or to experience the amazing thrill of a natural halfpipe in the so-called slopestyle.


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