Smart fun

Anyone going off-piste takes personal responsibility for doing so and is beyond the scope of liability of the ski lift company. For this reason, those venturing off the beaten track for the first time should be accompanied by a ski or mountain guide. Only skiers who have attended a training course, perfected their technique and acquired the right equipment should try out more complex routes in Hochfügen.

The Hochfügen skiresort offers services for freerider like....

Freeride Info Point Hochfügen

The Hochfügen Freeride Point in the 8erJet Shop (8erJet valley station) is the central contact and information point for all freeriders. Please contact the local freeriding experts at the skiCHECK ski school if you are looking for up-to-date avalanche and weather reports, equipment hire and purchase, special maps, mountain and ski guides or courses and information on using and operating the avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW, or if you would like to know when the Ski-Friends powered by Dynastar will be on the road again.


The team at the Freeride Point is also the contact partner for freeride groups. In addition, the large freeriding information board at the Hochfügen Freeride Point provides a clear overview of all the important information, including daily weather reports and avalanche risk levels, as well as all the details on freeride camps and events. 

Skifriends powered by Dynastar

The Ski-Friends powered by Dynastar take skiers and snowboarders out into off-piste terrain for free.

e riding on fifteen Saturdays in total from 9 January 2016, departing twice a day from the Ski-Friends assembly point at the 8er Jet to take skiers and snowboarders out into off-piste terrain for free. Participants must have a valid ski pass and be able to ski confidently on black pistes. 

  • Twice a week
  • On Saturdays and Sundays
  • Meet at 9.30am and 1.00pm 
  • From 7. January to season ending
  • Free of charge with existing skipass
LVS Suchfeld BMW Hochfuegen

Avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW

Avalanche rescue skills and fully functional equipment are a must for anyone wishing to go off-piste as a freerider or ski tourer. With its brand-new, free-of-charge avalanche transceiver training search field presented by BMW at the 8erJet mountain station, Hochfügen provides you with an opportunity to develop and perfect your life-saving avalanche rescue skills and your knowledge of operating safety equipment.

  • Daily open during lift operation times
  • Free of charge
  • For individuals, small and large groups
  • Equipment rental
LVS Checkpoint Hochfuegen

Avalanche transceiver checkpoints

Before each trip into off-piste terrain, test the functionality of your own equipment thoroughly. In Hochfügen, these checks can be performed at the electronic avalanche transceiver checkpoints 

  • at the 8erJet mountain station
  • at the Zillertal Shuttle mountain station
Freeride Checkpoint Hochfuegen Zillertal

Freeride Checkpoints

Our Freeride Checkpoints are located at central access points to the off-piste terrain. They serve as a reminder and final control point before freeriders take personal responsibility for accessing off-piste terrain. The boards contain maps and important information on the slope degrees, telephone numbers and emergency measures. The Freeride Checkpoints provide the final opportunity to verify the following points

  • Have I checked the avalanche reports?
  • Is the weather OK?
  • Do I have all the equipment I need? (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, first aid kit)
  • Have I checked my avalanche transceiver?
  • Is the group suited to my own level of ability?
  • Are other skiers or snowboarders on the same route as me?
  • Am I a safe enough distance away from these other skiers or snowboarders?



Freeride Starter Area Hochfuegen

Hochfügen Starter Freeride Area

The Starter Freeride Area on the Holzalm side of Hochfügen has a moderate slope gradient and is ideal for anyone who would like to gain an initial taster of freeriding under professional guidance. Here, our freeriding experts are on hand to share their specialist knowledge and offer a range of courses. 


  • Best for beginners
  • Recommended under professional guidance
  • Freerider enter the Starter Freeride Area at their own risk