More safety
for powder and ski enthusiasts

Hochfügen offers the new avalanche training program ISTA


Developed by International Experts


ISTA (International Snow Training Academy), the first-ever international training program for mountain, powder and ski enthusiasts, is exclusively offered this winter in Hochfügen. 


ISTA’s training program is intended for the general public and is delivered by affiliated instructors and guides. The goal is not to provide extra equipment, but rather the knowledge and skills required to assess and prevent risk. Over 40 experts spanning 9 countries and 3 continents in the areas of education, sport psychology, transfer of knowledge, nutrition, meteorology, snow science, risk management and rescue methods, as well as mountain guides and ski instructors, were involved in the development of this unprecedented project in this fast-growing and increasingly exposed sector.


Hochfügen is the first responsible partner resort in Austria offering ISTA courses.

Das illustrierte ISTA Lehrbuch, ISTA Lawinenkurs Hochfügen
ISTA Lawinenkurs ab Winter 2016 in Hochfügen
Lawinenkurs in Tirol - das neue internationale ISTA Programm gibt es in Hochfügen
ISTA Lawinenausbildung ab sofort in Hochfügen
One-day and two-day instructions

A New Approach

The courses are supported by illustrated books featuring simple, clear, precise and playful descriptions.


Two modules are currently being offered. The Discovery course and the ST1 course. ST2 (consolidation) and ST3 (autonomy) modules will be available as of 2017-2018

Hochfügen offers ISTA Discovery and ISTA ST1

  • ISTA Discovery

The Discovery course is a one-day introduction course.



  • ISTA ST1

The ST1 course, which focuses on basic skill acquisition, is delivered over two days.

With ISTA vouchers you get a refund of your training costs


What are ISTA rewards?

ISTA developed a unique rewards system supported by select ski resorts and partners in the sports gear and travel industries. As a participant you will be rewarded for your  investment in avalanche training with exclusive offers. 



What is the value of the ISTA vouchers? 

Vouchers are provided in the amount of the ISTA training kit’s cost. This means that participants can recover the full amount of the course fees.



How and where are the vouchers redeemed? 

Vouchers can be used when purchasing exclusive products and services from ISTA’s strategic partners. As a participant you will receive a discount of up to 20% on retail pricing. Vouchers can be redeemed at ISTA’s strategic partners’ online or retail shops.


An up-to-date list of partners and offers is available at