Training comes first!

In cooperation with the local freeriding experts and external partners, Hochfügen offers numerous courses and training opportunities for participants of all ages and all levels of difficulty. These courses pass important knowledge on to participants. First and foremost, this includes the protective equipment that even “normal” skiers should use. Helmets and back protectors are compulsory. Appropriate avalanche equipment is also essential. This includes a backpack – ideally an avalanche backpack – with a shovel and probe, as well as a first aid kit. Knowing how to act and how to use the avalanche equipment properly requires a certain level of experience, which can be gained in various camps in Hochfügen. This year we offer the ISTA avalanche training program.


Curse Organizer Number of Events
Skifriends powered by Dynastar Hochfügen Skifriends weekly from 07 January
Individual or group guiding Skischool skicheck individually during whole season
Two-day avalanche camps SAAC 3x season
Trainings at the avalanche transceiver training search field Hochfügen ski resort daily opened and for free
Workshop for young people 1x season
Avalanche courses for school classes snowhow 2x season
Snowboard Camps Skischool skicheck individually during whole season
Preparation courses for heli skiers Stumböck 10x season
Safety day in Hochfügen Hochfügen ski resort 1-2x season
ISTA Discovery Skischool skicheck individually during whole season
ISTA-ST1 Skischool skicheck individually during whole season

A free service for you

Go on a free trip with the Hochfügen Ski-Friends powered by Dynastar and get to know the backcountry of Hochfügen with professional guides. Tours take budding freeriders off-piste twice a day every Saturday and Sunday from 7 January. Find out more about the Hochfügen Ski-Friends here...

Backcountry Hochfuegen Zillertal
Faszination Freeride Hochfuegen Zillertal
Panorama Freeride Hochfuegen

The freeriding community could not survive without collaborations and partnerships. We have been working with local freeriding experts and external partners for many years, having built relationships with them that are based on mutual trust and a shared passion for freeriding.