The rope race on 15 April 2018 is all about sticking together. With participants skiing in teams of three all tied together with ropes, this is definitely not a competition for individuals! Victory and defeat are decided by seconds in the racing category. Teams looking to win the sought-after trophy in this category must include men and women but are otherwise free to choose their team composition.


The teams of three known as the “Flotten 3er” focus primarily on the Olympic spirit. The rope parties in this category often comprise a real mixture of teams and may consist of any combination of men and/or women. Examples include family teams and themed teams as well as trios made up of colleagues or the members of various associations. The winning rope parties are not those which ski the fastest but those which come closest to the average finish time. Competitors are welcome to wear amusing, flashy costumes or dress up in matching themed outfits. With the Flotten 3er (almost) anything is allowed – what matters most is coming together to have fun.



Cult Status Guaranteed

Hochfügen and its rope race are intrinsically linked. The cult race, which sees teams of three skiers descend a slope while tied to a rope, has been running for more than 50 years. Competitors can decide whether to take part in the racing category, where the team with the fastest time wins, or in the more relaxed Flotten 3er race, where the winning trio is the team finishing closest to the average time.


Children can take part in their own Children’s Rope Race, which is held the day before the adult competition. In addition to the race itself, visitors can enjoy a varied programme of side events, including music, fun activities in the marquee and the traditional winter burning. The Children’s Rope Race also features a fantastic programme of fun, games and lively activities.



Ski Legends at the Rope Race Hochfügen


A quick glance at the all-time best list of the Hochfügen Rope Race reveals a host of famous names and greats from the World Cup circuit. Nicola and Uli Spieß, Leonhard Stock, Rosi Mittermaier, Christian Neureuther, Olga Pall, Markus Wasmaier, Martina Ertl, Michaela Gerg, Katrin Gutensohn and Stephan Eberharter all tied the climbing rope around their waist to take part in the rope race on numerous occasions.


Meanwhile, the younger generation has also remained loyal to the race over the years with Stefanie Kröll, Christoph Nachtschatten, Mario Brugger, Thomas Aschenwald, Ricarda Haaser, Michaela Casotti, Norbert Hölzl, Josef Fuchs, Christine Sponring, Dominik Gschwentner and Markus Klingenschmid all having battled it out for the coveted trophy and enjoying the different nature of this unique competition.