Avalanche Training Courses
for Schools in Hochfügen

Learning to evaluate risk correctly

Pupils are often less aware of risks. However, it's not just off the pistes where danger lurks - even near to the slopes, the chances of an avalanche or a breaking snow slab are often underestimated. Since 2013, the Hochfügen ski lifts and the SnowHow initiative have been running free special avalanche training courses for schools.

Snowhow and Hochfügen

The SNOWHOW project, run by the Association for the Promotion of Training and Sport, offers a practical approach to raising awareness in winter sports.

Pupils learn

  • what to look out for in the off-piste area
  • risk-reducing behaviour
  • how to use avalanche search devices, probes and shovels.



Hochfügen is snowhow's powder center.
Courses for pupils since 2013 in Hochfügen.
Courses are free of charge for the pupils.