Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps

Avalanche Camps for Beginners & Advanced Skiers

Hochfügen offers three Camps during winter season.

Basic camps for beginners

SAAC Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps are free 2-day avalanche camps providing background information and practical exercises for off-piste fans. In Hochfügen, two Basic Camps are being held from


  • 17-18 December 2016
  • 8-9 April 2017

An SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camp is taking place on the afternoon of the first day with a three-hour theoretical component. On the second day, state certified ski and mountain guides will take small groups out into the off-piste area. All skiers and snowboarders aged 14 and over with sufficient off-piste skiing ability can take part in a SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camp – registration in good time is required.

SAACnd Step Camp for advanced skiers

SAACnd Step Camps consolidate the skills learnt during SAAC'S free Basic Camps. All winter sports enthusiasts who already have a basic knowledge of skiing or snowboarding in Alpine terrain can deepen their knowledge at the SAACnd Step Camp. In Hochfügen the camp will be


  • 6-8 april 2017


The advanced SAAC avalanche course is held in small groups, examines more in-depth content and covers tour planning in detail. The theory is put into practice during ascents of several hours followed by exhilarating descents under the supervision of an SAAC mountain guide.