Klumper fun on Thursdays

We do not know who came up with the idea of strapping a milking chair-like seat onto skids. But we do know one thing - the associated activity – known as “klumping” as just as amusing as the name itself.

So you sit down on a milking chair with skis underneath, lift your feet in the air and off you go. Anyone can do that. Sit down, hold on, and off you go. Fun for everyone. Keeping your balance is the hard part. Especially when klumping, since you may have had a glass or two before starting your journey under the night sky. But no matter if your balance is a little off; it just makes it more fun for everyone else. You’ll need to use your backside to apply the brakes or you’ll end up getting a face-full of snow. Even then, don’t lose your cool: just get up, sit down and off you go again - think of it as training for the laughter muscles. It's something you have to experience.

Klumping takes place on Thursdays when there is no Hochfügen by Night. 

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Facts & figures

  • Night skiing and klumping for free
  • Thursdays from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • With drinks